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Custody Services


Swissquote provides custody and depository services for investment funds, including offshore vehicles, covering all types of financial instruments and underlying assets.



Swissquote Financial Services (Malta) Ltd

Maximise your efficiency with our Custodian Services

Swissquote Financial Services (Malta) Limited (SQFSM) is a limited liability company incorporated in Malta on 19 October 2012. SQFSM is an investment services company under the supervision of the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

In 2014, SQFSM changed its business model and was issued a Category 4A license by the MFSA to launch operations as Custodian for investment funds.

Since Swissquote has a banking license in Switzerland and a Category 4A licence in Malta, we act as a Custodian bank and Depository for investment funds domiciled in Switzerland and Malta.”

Our AIFMD, UCITS V and PIF compliant Depository and Custody Services include:

  • Safekeeping of instruments
  • Cash flow monitoring
  • General oversight
  • Execution and settlement of transactions

Safekeeping of Instruments

Ensuring due care of instruments held in custody, proper asset segregation, and assessment and monitoring of custody risk throughout the custody chain.

  • Financial instruments are held in custody with Swissquote Bank Ltd, as sub-Custodian to Swissquote Financial Services (Malta) Ltd, or any client requested top-tier global sub-custodian
  • Swissquote Bank Ltd has a long-standing global custody network relationship with Deutsche Bank, UBS and Euroclear
  • Clear distinction between ‘financial instruments held in custody’ and ‘other assets’
  • Assets qualifying as ‘other assets’ are subjected to ownership verification and record keeping to ensure that the ownership and location of assets is known at all times



Cash Flow Monitoring

Cash Flow Monitoring is performed on an ongoing basis as follows:

  • Maintaining a list of all bank accounts held by the Fund
  • Monitoring of all cash movements on the Fund accounts
  • Ensuring that cash payments in relation to subscriptions and redemptions have been received or paid and correctly booked
  • Daily reconciliation process of all the cash movements on the Fund accounts or each time a movement on the accounts is performed



Our Depository service includes oversight of the entire Fund activity:

  • Monitoring of all sale, issue, repurchase, redemption and cancellation of units of the Fund are carried out in accordance with the Fund’s Offering documentation, applicable rules and regulations.
  • Verification of NAV calculation
  • Monitoring of all income payments due to the Fund
  • Monitoring of investment, borrowing and leverage restrictions in line with the Offering documentation, applicable rules and regulations

Value Added Services

Fund Accounts Cash Account (Subscription/Redemption) and Securities Account (Safekeeping) opened with Swissquote Bank Ltd

Online platform providing high level, as well as detailed information covering, amongst others, asset portfolio and positions, cash balances in multiple currencies, performance evaluation, asset and currency allocation, together with a variety of downloadable documents in PDF and CSV, including:

  • Statement of assets
  • Statement of account
  • Transaction reports (purchases, sales number prices, trading and transaction costs, etc.)

Execution Services Online Trading Platform connected to over 60 markets and 2 Million securities across various asset classes including, fixed income, equities, options, futures, structured products, investment funds, ETFs, forex, OTC derivatives.


Your Competitive Advantage

Malta, as a leading financial services jurisdiction, boasts a robust legislative and regulatory framework and holds multi-year accolades as the best European Fund Domicile by Hedge Fund Review.

By combining the flexibility and soundness of the Maltese financial system, the security and stability of a Swiss bank providing sub-custody, online brokerage services and an extensive Top-Tier Global Custody Network, Swissquote presents you with a clear competitive advantage.

  • Business friendly Maltese financial authorities
  • Turnkey fund services from ignition to daily operations
  • Complete range of Custody, Depository and Execution services for funds governed by Swiss or EU law and domiciled in Malta
  • Swissquote technology solutions, extensive and up-to-date know-how
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