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Discover our high-tech feature
designed for your high-tech vehicle


Enhance your Tesla with this special web app and access the latest share prices directly from the cockpit. It’s as simple as that.


Don’t miss

Access actual rates and stock tickers in real time


Exclusively for your Tesla

The web app has been especially created and designed for Tesla screens


Color chameleon

Adapt the screen color according to your cockpit



How it works

Enter www.swissquote.ch/tesla in the browser of your Tesla and get finance news delivered directly into your cockpit. Access latest rates and charts without the complexity of a regular website. Here is a brief user guide.


In the settings you can choose your language, mode, font size and colors.


Actual rates are displayed on the screen. You can also create your list of Favorites.


If you need more information about a particular share, just touch it and more details will show.

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